Psychotherapy for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children: 

A Guide for Community-Based Behavioral Health Practitioners and Agencies

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Announcing New Training Modules on SOAR!

SOAR Online is a series of continuing education/continuing medical education (CE/CME) training modules that can be completed whenever, wherever you like.  

Recognizing that individuals who have experienced trafficking or who are at risk of trafficking access a variety of services, SOAR Online now includes additional trainings tailored for specific professionals on how to identify and respond to human trafficking.



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Preparedness to Identify and Care for Trafficked Persons in South Carolina Hospitals: A State-Wide Exploration.

This qualitative descriptive study utilized stratified purposive sampling to investigate how prepared hospitals throughout the state of South Carolina were to identify and care for individuals experiencing human trafficking. 


Literature on the health care needs of trafficking victims. Here, we gather up-to-date peer-reviewed literature from Pub Med and highlight articles that have advanced anti-trafficking efforts among health professionals.


The voices of survivors

An exploration of the contributing factors that assisted with exiting from commercial sexual exploitation in childhood.